Sumlime Text 3

  Sublime Text adalah sebuah teks editor yang sangat canggih untuk coding, markup dan lain-lain. Anda akan menyukai antarmuka pengguna yang sangat sederhana -mengingatkan dulu 4 tahun menggunakan centos-, fitur yang luar biasa serta kinerja yang tidak kalah luar biasa.

Pernah dulu Saya beberapa bulan menjadi programmer dengan bahasa Python, ternyata Sublime Text adalah sebuah syntax editor yang menggunakan Python API. Editor ini juga didukung oleh banyak plugin yang akan membuat Anda tutup mata dalam membuat baris program. Sublime Text dikembangkan oleh Jon Skinner, seorang programmer dari Australia.

 Download : Klik Disini
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Cara Install :
  1. Download Sublime Text 3 (sesuai sistem Windows kamu) melalui link di atas
  2. Ekstrak file yang sudah kamu download tadi dengan WinRAR
  3. Jalankan installer SUblime Text 3, kemudian install seperti biasa
  4. Jika sudah selesai, jalankan Sublime Text3

What’s new? (Build 3103, Release Date: 9 February 2016)
  • See also the Blog Post
  • Added new Syntax Definition file format, .sublime-syntax
  • Added a custom regex engine that matches multiple regexps in parallel, for faster file loading and indexing
  • Improved Unicode support, including combining character rendering, character classification in regex searches, and case insensitivity in Goto Anything matching
  • Packages are now on GitHub
  • Incorporates many community provided improvements to the above packages, with significant improvements to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Go, D and SQL
  • Added Panel Switcher to status bar
  • Better handling of troublesome files during indexing
  • Improved file change detection
  • Added “Profile Events” to the Command Palette, to help identify slow plugins
  • Build Systems may now define a list of file name wildcard patterns to trigger on, via the file_patterns key
  • prompt_open_file and related commands now accept an initial_directory argument
  • Improved indenting behavior when indent_to_bracket is enabled
  • Spell Checker now reads from manually edited user preferences on the fly
  • Stability improvements for Find in Files when using regular expressions that result in significant backtracking
  • Fixed file truncation when using hexadecimal encoding
  • Fixed brackets in strings influencing auto indent
  • Fixed inconsistencies in Goto Anything when selecting symbols
  • Fixed tab completion regression in 3081, where h1..h6 HTML completions were not triggering
  • Fixed Goto Definition command not working when placed in a submenu
  • OSX: Fixed Emoji & Symbols popup failing to insert text in some cases
  • Windows: Added support for inserting characters from outside of the BMP
  • Windows: ctrl+alt+p is no longer bound by default, due to compatibility issues with some keyboard layouts
  • Windows: Updated code signing certificate to no longer use SHA1
  • Linux: Fixed a file permission issue when running without –wait
  • Linux: crash_reporter is statically linked, improving system compatibility
  • API: Added Window.is_sidebar_visible() and Window.set_sidebar_visible()
  • API: Added View.is_auto_complete_visible()
  • API: Added find_output_panel(), destroy_output_panel(), active_panel() and panels()
  • API: Added create_output_panel() now accepts an optional parameter, “unlisted”